HNDS-063 (English subbed) Asahi Mizuno’s Porn Retirement

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Asahi Mizuno retired last year after an intense 6 year of career in porn, and this was her final retirement video. The video itself is a documentary type of movie where Asahi Mizuno reflects on her career, emotions, and experiences during a series of multiple interviews. The general idea was to introduce a more personal and up-close Mizuno Asahi, letting us know the real her. The dialogues are funny and everything is what you expect from a retirement AV. I personally liked her quite a lot so the dialogues are rather fun. Looking back to her old videos she has a gazillion of movies and many worth the re-watch, PGD-828 and KV-179 come to mind.

HNDS-063 (English subbed) Asahi Mizuno’s Porn Retirement
 Movie Code: HNDS-063 
 Actor: Mizuno Asahi 
 Category: JAV Movie English Sub Jav